CUB SRS Flowchart

Our CUB Shared Revenue Scheme (SRS) operates as an "affiliate" style, commission based system. Selected individuals, organisations and nominated charities across the globe can register to become CUB SRS Partners. Partners are offered the opportunity to earn financial rewards ("Commission payments/Commissions”) through advertising the CUB for sale on their website.

The clients/customers of Partners can then purchase their CUB Support direct from us via a uniquely created payment link/banner ads, which we supply, free of charge, upon successful registration.

The CUB SRS is essentially based upon a "pay per sale” program and offers Partners the opportunity to earn 10% commission payment for each CUB Support sold via their unique payment links. The added bonus is the Partner's Organisation/ nominated Charity also earns 5% commission payment per CUB sold!

Under the current scheme for every CUB sold, the commission payment equates to £10 GBP for Individuals & £5 GBP for Organisations/Charities*.

Earning commission payments is subject to the CUB SRS Terms and Conditions however given there are no initial outlays or upfront costs involved and we handle all the payment processing and shipping requirements on your behalf, it is very straightforward and easy.

All we ask in return, is our SRS Partners are knowledgeable on the principles of upright labour and birth and can demonstrate sufficient CUB Support product knowledge, to be able to discuss and offer mums-to-be the opportunity to purchase their own CUB.

REGISTER now and increase your income with the CUB!

*Commissions are calculated based on pre VAT price, currently £100 per 1 CUB support unit.

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