Some thoughts from our customers

Comments from Mothers

CUB Mother quote

Was fantastic to use, every mother should have a CUB!

The midwives were amazed by how comfortable I looked.

It made it easier to push sitting on the CUB.

I loved how it moved with me, I felt totally relaxed.

It was great for moving and rotating which made contractions more manageable.

It is the perfect shape to cuddle, squeeze and hold on to.

I used it in late pregnancy to relax on and I am sure it helped me to have a quicker birth.

Comments from Professionals

MW quoteBrilliant product!

A great innovation for childbirth, a simple idea but it really works.

More comfy than a birth ball.

Our midwives LOVE our CUBs.

A really useful addition for the birth room.

A lovely waterbirth in Norway last night - the CUB helped get her there through a long labor.

I was amazed at how relaxed the mother was.

We all want to do everything we can to help mothers have an easier, safer birth and the CUB really helps us do this, it's a great product!

Midwife, UK

CUBS are a great aid in my trust, I know all staff and women benefit from them!

Birth Center, USA

Happy birthday CUB! Our mommas are loving you! It would be a blessing to have one to go around to all our deserving mommas! An excellent labor support!

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