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The CUB Shared Revenue Scheme (SRS) is an innovative way for individuals, organisations and charities that work in the field of maternity care or service to increase their income and raise money without any financial outlay. The SRS acts globally so we welcome partners from all over the world.

Being a CUB SRS Partner is simple and beneficial, as we guarantee transparency of the scheme and quality of our product. To become a member of the scheme, individuals or organisations are asked to host a CUB banner advert link on their website (provided at registration). This will allow their members or clients (or other people) to click through to our website to purchase a CUB.

Please note the host individual, organisation or charity does not need to manage any part of the sale, ordering, shipping etc. This is handled by CUB Support Team. Therefore displaying a CUB banner ad on their website is the only requirement. Once a sale is completed, we will pay the referring host individual a 10% commission of the price of a CUB Support. Under the current scheme, this equates to £10 GBP (approx. €11 EUR/$12.5 USD/$16 AUD/$16 CAD/$17 NZD)*. Organisations and charities earn 5% per CUB sold via their own link.

*Commission payments are calculated based on pre VAT/tax price, currently £100 per CUB. Foreign currency values are approximate

We would encourage you to nominate a charity that will receive additional 5% income from each CUB sold under your unique link. The list of suggested charities that are supported by the CUB is provided here. Each SRS Partner can also suggest a charity to extend the list.

Maternity focused organisations or charities as well as individuals with their own birth business can register.
Registration is FREE and EASY! There are two ways to register with us:
1. As an Individual
2. As an Organisation or Charity

How do I sign up as an individual?
1. Register here 
2. We will activate your CUB SRS Partner account within 48 business hours and e-mail your action plan to get started
3. Log into you Member Account using your login details
4. Access your unique banner ads / links
5. Place your CUB links on your website and through your networks
6. Obtain 3 completed CUB sales via your unique referral link to start earning your 10% commission payments

Individuals (not members of an organisation)
Individuals who are not members of a wider organisation can still join our scheme and receive a 10% commission payments from each CUB bought from us via their own link. The 5% revenue share can be donated to one of our nominated CUB Charities here

Organisations with members - Why should your members join our SRS scheme?
Becoming a CUB SRS Partner ensures that if an individual chooses to have a CUB Support in their antenatal classes or practice that they have a good understanding of the benefits of upright birth positions, plus be able to demonstrate the use and care of the CUB to pass onto their clients who may ask about it. It also provides:
An opportunity to re-visit current research and insights around upright positions for birth to facilitate informed choice for clients
If it is needed, a short lesson plan to facilitate teaching on upright positions for birth during the antenatal period
Learning resources to download and print off to support and reinforce the message upon request
Access to free marketing support materials for their classes or service upon request.
Please note that CUB SRS Partners and their partner organisations do not sell the CUB but act as a resource on the subject of upright birth positions for mothers.

How do we as an Organisation sign up as a CUB Optimal Birth Partner?
Please refer to the Registration instructions under 'Individuals' section
Organisations & Charities - Why become a CUB Optimal Birth Partner?
Many organisations and charities are proactively looking for ways to raise funds for their causes and projects. The CUB SRS provides an innovative platform that allows this to happen without the need for expensive advertising, organisation, time commitment or any financial outlay. Your supporters or clients will also receive a discount if they buy through your link rather than directly from us.
Once completed you will be given a link ad with your own unique embedded code that will allow your supporters to access our website to buy a CUB. You will also be given access to your account to view the amount of commission owed to you at any time and additional support to help you promote to your supporters the benefits to your organisation of them encouraging friends, family and colleagues to purchase a CUB for their births or as a gift via the link on your website.
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Is there a minimum number of CUBs purchases that must be bought via my/our link to commence commission payments?

Yes. To avoid individuals signing up to purchase one or two CUBs at a discount without the intention of continuing with the SRS, a minimum number of 3 CUB purchases must be completed via the individual web link. These purchases must be made by individual buyers. Individual (or organisational) buyers of multiple CUBs cannot use the revenue share scheme.

Once 3 individual buyers have been reached, commission payments will commence with the initial 3 CUB purchaser commissions included in the Partner's first Commission payment. Commissions are paid on the 14thof each calendar month and are monthly in arrears of every completed sale. Our preferred method for paying commissions is via PayPal. No commission will be paid on 3 or less CUB individual purchases. A purchase is per individual buyer.

Can an individual, charity or organisation nominate a revenue share not on our approved list?

No, only our own approved organisations or charities can be a revenue share partner. If you would like to nominate a charity not on our list as a partner please contact us directly via our contact form on the website. Any individual, organisation or charity becoming an approved revenue share partner is entirely at our discretion.

Can an individual, organisation or charity opt to have the full 15% revenue share paid to them?

No, we strongly believe in our shared revenue scheme as a way to improve and promote the experience of birth for mothers everywhere; this can only be achieved by sharing benefits and opportunities.

When are commission payments made?

Payments are made directly to the Partner on the 14th of each calendar month, monthly in arrears of completed sales and only on full retail price orders. Our preferred payment method is PayPal.

Are NHS or other maternity service bulk purchases covered under the shared revenue scheme?

Only if the service has signed up as an organisation with us and is displaying a link from their website to ours. Commission will not be paid for purchases made before a live link is displayed on their website, or on already discounted sales.

Is the SRS available to those making individual purchases of a CUB?

The SRS is only available to individual practitioners, organisations or charities that work in the field of maternity care or services and is not available to those who have not signed up to the scheme prior to the purchase.

Can I sign up and be a wholesale distributor?

Distribution agreements are covered under our distribution and wholesale link which we can send to you on request, but the revenue share scheme cannot be used via either of these routes.

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