Comfortable Upright Birth (CUB) Support for Professionals

The CUB allows mothers to adopt and maintain positions that are not only the most comfortable but physically the most helpful for them and their baby during labour, making giving birth easier, faster and most importantly, safer!

Upright positions during birth (sitting, kneeling, squatting, and all fours) have been the topic of much research in recent years, and the results of the research are dramatically in favour. Being upright during labour and birth can increase the space within the mother’s pelvis by up to 30%, allowing more room for the baby to be born, labour contractions can be more effective making labour shorter, babies are 54% less likely to become distressed and mothers are a whopping 29% less likely to need an emergency Cesarean section! For mothers who are choosing to give birth naturally having their own CUB will ensure they can use these really beneficial positions whenever they want.

The CUB can be used at home in late pregnancy to encourage baby to adopt an ideal position for birth as well as throughout labour as a comfortable support, either to sit on, rest on or lean over as well as to give birth to the baby on if mothers choose so. The CUB is suitable for use in maternity hospitals, birth centres or at home births.

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