What is different about the Comfortable, Upright Birth (CUB) Support?


Traditional Birth StoolsThe CUB Support
Their use is limited to sitting upright on at the very end of labour when baby is about to be born. Other upright positions are not easily or comfortably facilitated by more traditional styles of birth stools so their use is very limited during labour before baby is ready to be born.  The CUB can be used as a comfortable support throughout labour AND during the birth of the baby. It’s innovative and versatile design means that it can be comfortably used to lean over-supporting an ‘all fours’ position, lean against in a kneeling position, relax and rest against when necessary or indeed to sit on.
Made from wood, moulded plastic, fiberglass or metal. Can be heavy, rigid and bulky to transport. Made from an inflated biocompatible material. Small, very lightweight and can fit into a bag ready to go to wherever you want.
Can be hard and uncomfortable for the mother to use and should not be used for extended periods of time.  Very soft and comfortable while maintaining a stable support throughout labour AND the birth of the baby in a variety of positions. 
 It is widely accepted that traditional birth stools should only be used in second stage of labour and not for extended periods due to the increased risk of perineal oedema (swelling) (as a result of restricted venous return due to hard rigid edges) that can increase tissue trauma and blood loss. The CUB does not have the same potential to restrict venous return resulting in perineal oedema as there are no hard, rigid surfaces that could restrict normal perfusion. It acts in the same way as a birth ball on the maternal tissues. 

What is the difference between the CUB Support and the Birth (Pezzi) Ball?

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The Birth Ball The CUB
The birth ball requires a high level of mobility to balance on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The CUB provides a wide, stable base during labour and birth. This allows the mother to comfortably rest when she needs to for extended periods of time without using her legs to balance. The CUB can be used to lean over or sit on, on top of a bed when used with only one chamber inflated
The birth ball cannot be used to give birth on. The CUB can be used to sit on to deliver the baby.
The whole ball can suddenly deflate if it is punctured. The CUB has a number of safety features designed to prevent a sudden collapse of the support. These include double thickness on the largest surfaces, separate inflation chambers and safety inflation / deflation valves built in.

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