What is the Comfortable Upright Birth (CUB) support?

The CUB is a comfortable, versatile, inflatable support designed to help mothers adopt and maintain positions that are physically the most helpful for them and their babies during labour and birth.

When the mother is in an upright position it can help the baby to be in the best (easiest) position for birth, making more space within her pelvis than if she is semi sitting or lying on her back on a bed.

Current research has shown that this can make labour shorter and giving birth easier as well as increase safety for the mother and her baby by reducing the risks of complications during birth.

The CUB can be used throughout labour as a comfortable support, either to sit on, rest on or lean over as well as to give birth to the baby on; suitable for use in maternity hospitals, birth centres or at homebirths.


How can the CUB help me to have a natural birth?

Having a more effective, possibly shorter and easier birth with less chance of serious complications with an increased chance of a natural birth is better for you and better for the baby. *The research references for the above studies can be found on our Research page.


What does the research say about upright birth?

  • Being upright during labour and birth can increase the space within your pelvis for your baby to be born by 28-30%
  • Your labour contractions can be more effective
  • Your baby will cope better with labour and birth and will be less distressed, 54% less incidence of fetal heart abnormalities
  • The length of the first stage of your labour, between 3-10 centimetres can be significantly reduced by up to 50%
  • A shorter second stage (pushing stage) of labour
  • You are 23% less likely to need a medically assisted birth. More space, less distress and a shorter labour results in fewer necessary intervention
  • You are 21% less likely to need an episiotomy which is a small cut to your perineum to increase the room for baby to be born
  • You have a 29% reduced chance of having an emergency caesarean section


Download the CUB leaflet or proceed with your purchase now Buy Your CUB.

The research references for the above studies - Research on Upright Birth Page. More about upright birthing and positioning in labour and birth - Birth Information & Links.

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