The CUB (Comfortable Upright Birth) is a comfortable, versatile, inflatable support designed to help mothers adopt and maintain positions that are physically the most helpful for them and their babies during labour and birth.

When the mother is in an upright position it can help the baby to be in the best (easiest) position for birth, making more space within her pelvis than if she is semi-sitting or lying on her back on a bed.

Current research has shown that this can make labour shorter and giving birth easier as well as increase safety for the mother her baby by reducing the risks of complications during birth. The CUB can be used throughout labour as a comfortable support, either to sit on, rest on or lean over as well as to give birth to the baby on; suitable for use in maternity hospitals, birth centres or at homebirths.


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About Us

"To make a difference...start by being different"

Birthsparks Ltd are the creators and world wide distributors of the award winning, innovative CUB support, now sold in countries as diverse as Iceland to New Zealand and lots of places in between!

We are the organisers of a range of educational events for those who provide care and services before, during and after childbirth including the highly successful MaMa Conference, the largest, independent two-day annual conference on maternity care organised and run by midwives in the UK.

With backgrounds as experienced healthcare professionals in maternity services, education and product development (medical devices), we are well placed to rise to the challenges asked of us by the people we work for and with.

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Our News

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    We are excited to share this announcement about the CUB special offer - get FREE extra colour cover worth of  £14.99 GBP with every CUB purchased from our webpage between 15th - 28th October. Find out…
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    Are you attending the 1st National Doula Network Australia Conference in Sydney on the 8th of September? Pop in to the CUB Australia stall to meet our fantastic CUB Ambassador…
  • 4 years to the CUB. Sale weekend

    Celebrating 4 years to the CUB! Great CUB sale in July We are excited to share this announcement about the CUB sale during the weekend 13-16th of July 2018! Only on these…
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